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2018 iPhones May Not Come With Lightning to Headphone Jack Adapter

Apple is an American multinational technology company headquartered in California. It was founded by Steve Jobs. Apple manufactures only its products and not for anyone. Also, it doesn't share any equipment with others. Apple product, iPhones considered the fastest and secured phones. Apple mostly is known for his security that it gives in iPhones, iPads and in Mac's. Apple was best till 2016 but after that competition has grown so far that iPhones stock prices were drowned. 

Now after the launch of iPhone 8, Plus and iPhone X. Apple understand that prices are too high as always. As now the competition is tough with new phones like Galaxy S9+, Oppo Find X and many more. Also, Apple has removed the 3.5 mm headphone jack which is most important until now as not everyone can afford a wireless headphone/speaker.

Now Apple announced that the iPhones that are coming in 2018 mostly in September or October will not come with Lighting to headphone jack Adapter. Apple always does these…

Newer iPhones May Support Dual-SIMs

Till now iPhones only supported a single sim but that might become a thing of past. As a newly rumors stated in the beta version of ios 12 showing support for dual-sim. The dual-SIM iPhone rumors have been getting stronger over time, and new reports now add further fire to earlier reports that Apple’s next-gen smartphones might actually come with support for multiple SIM cards. The feature, however, will most likely be Geo-restricted, and it will only be available in devices sold in the certain area of the world.

According to 9to5Mac, the recently-released iOS 12 developer beta 5 includes several mentions of a secondary SIM. The report says that there are multiple references to ‘second SIM status’ and ‘second SIM tray status’ within a system component responsible for the generation of diagnostic reports.
Furthermore, another component within the software is said to refer to a ‘dual sim device’, making it abundantly clear that Apple is definitely working on bringing dual-SIM support t…