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Facebook Got a New Dating Feature

Facebook recently announced dating feature for its massive 2.2 billion users base. This is similar to the Tinder dating app that we use every day to find a partner for dating or a relationship. It is currently being tested internally and will be coming to your phone soon on the same facebook app. You have to be above 18+ to use this feature that Facebook is bringing to its users and you will also need to update the app to use this feature. You will be required to fill out some information regarding yourself to make this feature more easy to find a partner. The app allows you to limit the dating profile of yours to be shared among your parents and relatives by using a simple option that will be available on the app. After compleating the fill out you can message the person you find on the app using messenger or WhatsApp.

Facebook also announced some new announcements such as cross-platform stories sharing, clear history tool, and some changes in Instagram, WhatsApp, and messenger. &qu…