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OnePlus 6T expected To Launch in October

OnePlus is the best premium smartphone which costs way less than most premium phones offering high-end specs and performance. It comes at a reasonable price and has all the features of $1000 smartphone. It has surpassed premium smartphone companies like Samsung and Apple in the Indian market.

For OnePlus fans, there is another surprise waiting for them in the month of October as OnePlus is planning to launch OnePlus 6T. It is a great news for the fans of OnePlus as this company is going to give another great piece of smartphone. CNET has stated that OnePlus flagship, OnePlus 6T, will launch this device in October.

The phone will come with a better network connectivity by including new 600 MHz spectrum. This will improve network quality and range with faster coverage network.

Price of OnePlus 6T The OnePlus 6T might cost you around 550 dollars (Rs. 38,000), which is slightly higher as compared to the prices of its previous devices. This is an important factor as OnePlus has made its n…