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Intel Plans to launch 9th Gen Core Processors On 1st October

Intel has announced that their 9th Gen Core Processors will release on 1st October. The sources suggest that initially, it will include 3 unlocked chips with improved processor lineup based on the tried and tested 14nm processor. The processors are said to be the most powerful processor in the Intel family.

The Intel's first 8 core mainstream CPU Core i9-9900K chip will ship as an 8 core/ 16 thread option.
The other processor i7-9700K will ship as an 8 core / 8 thread chip, and Core i5-9600K will ship as a 6 core / 6 thread chip.

The processor i9-9900K will be faster than the 8086K Anniversary Edition chip and it will boast 16MB of L3 and Intel UHD 620 graphics chip. These processors are expected to come with the clock speed of 3.6GHz to a boost speed of 5.0GHz in single and dual-core applications.

The Core i9, i7, the i5 lineup will have the following Generation upgrade. Intel plans to ship more 9th Gen Chips early next year. As the competition is growing in terms of performance…