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What is x32bit and x64 bit? What Does it Actually Means?

Till Now you have no idea about what is 32 bit or 64 bit.So you land on this website, I will tell you the difference in step by step manner.
First of all,

What is x32 and x64?
32 bit simply means that the size of one insruction is equal to 32 bit long.64 bit means that the size of one insruction is equal to 64 bit long.

Now What does this Instruction means?

Instruction is nothing but a single operation performed and its a combination of operand and opcode.Opcode tells what operation you have to perform like add 2 numbers and operands are the numbers that are used like a,b.

Now where the size matter?

If the instruction is bigger , more will be the size of opcode and operand means in a single operation(it means one instruction) we can perform more tasks in 64bit than in 32bit. For example in x32bit , one instruction size is 32bit and we need to execute 2 instructions(i.e 64 bit) that means 2 operations(opcode + operand) takes 2s to do this operation. Whereas in x64 bit it takes 1s to execu…