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How to Create a Bootable USB Drive 100% Working [Mac or Windows]

There are many Methods of creating a USB Bootable but i will tell you the 2 methods which are working on each and every version of windows or mac. Also these two methods are compatible with mostly all windows version.


Create a bootable USB drive with Rufus
Now lets create a bootable USB drive with rufus, shall we? Follow the Steps:

Rufus requires an account with admin access to work fully, so make sure log in with administrator account. After successful login, insert USB drive and launch Rufus.Rufus will automatically detect your USB Drive quickly. Then Click on the Optical drive button next to the create bootable disk using Checkbox, you will be prompted to locate the iso image that you want to burn in USB drive.When using ISO Images, Rufus will automatically detect the best settings and then Click on start button. You will be prompted that all the data on the selected drive will be erased. Click ok to start the process.Once the process started, it will take several minutes …