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What Is *Data Communication*

It is the transfer of data or information between source and receiver. The source transmits the data and the receiver receives it data communication involve the following like communication network different communication services required. The kind of networks available protocols architecture, OSI models, TCP\IP protocol models, etc. The purpose of data communication is to provide the rules and regulations that allows computers with different disk operating system languages. Cabling and location to share resources. The rules and regulations are called protocols. *Characteristics of Data Communication. •Delivery: Data must be delivered to the correct destination by the system. Data must be received by the device or user and not only by the device or user. •Accuracy: the system must deliver data accurately. If the data have been altered in transmission and left uncorrected or unusable. •Timelines: the system must deliver data in a timely manner. If data delivered late are useless. And In th…